WHAT’S NEXT? 27/09/2017
This exhibition shows you „WHAT’S NEXT“ in fashion. Two young Fashion Designers, Amanda Thomson from Scotland and Alexandra Goykhman from Germany, are working with fashion in different ways on some fascinating topics.
Expo & Photography LAURA HOMOELLE
AMANDA THOMSON The Balance of White
White defines structure by revealing every texture and silhouette. It highlights true form while emanating character and purity in the simplest and of ways. This men’s wear collection is the focus on white structure and it’s interaction with light to create the perfect balance of white.
ALEXANDRA GOYKHMAN Insects & Organic Structures
Organic Structures from Insects have more than just one function, they are an optical peculiarity. The synthesis of colouring, surface structure and silhouette open up an infinite variety of possibilities to determine the construction and shape of the garments through the structural pattern and to cover up small functional components. The focus of this project lies on the print and the silhouette in the garment which interacts with the volume. The digital print comes to life through the body and its movement in the garment.