WE ARE AKI – AKI leaves no one untouched. AKI cuts you into pieces, swirls you around and puts you back together in a completely new kind of manner. For my graduation project I speak to lots and lots of AKI-People from the academy’s beginnings until now. What I’m doing is capturing as many people as possible from AKI and I’d like to find out a little about everyone I photograph – as everyone has a story to tell! At AKI you become who you are. I want to portray, document and understand the process everyone is going through. Let me show you how inspirational AKI people are, let me show you the artists, designers and creators behind all the great work. Let me tell you their thoughts, advices and experiences, let me tell you their stories…

Exhibition Opening: 29/06/2018 AKI ARTEZ ENSCHEDE, THE NETHERLANDS